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Dear Members of CPS,
   I hope this message meets you in good health and in comfortable professional or student state. Since our last congress of April 2008, the Cameroon Physical Society has taken many steps. The objective of this message is to provide you with information related to this good evolution.
First of all, we must congratulate ourselves for the exponential increase of the number of members. We are now more than 105 members. Congratulations to all those who have just joined the society. We must strongly congratulate those among us who have taken the duty of explaining our action and objective to our new members. We are thinking particularly to Dr. Serge ZEKENG who, during the different scientific meetings organized in recent months in Cameroon, has invited a large number of people to join the society. We are also thinking of the strong involvement of the University of Dschang which, in terms of number of members, has moved from the last but one position to the second position, just behind the University of Yaounde I.
This is also the place to thank the local organizing Committee of the Yaoundé-College on Nanomaterials, which under the guidance of Dr. Jean Marie NDJAKA, has succeeded in the coordination of the college that was attended by many specialists coming from all over the world. The Euro Graduation Access Conference has been a total success thank to the participation of some members of CSP to the local organizing committee and the implications of CSP members to all the activities during the conference. Thank to our presence, the promoters of the Euro Graduation Access Conference decided that all members of CSP can take part to the conference without paying fees and that the transportation fees will be reimburse to those not leaving in Yaoundé. As a consequence, we have actively contributed to the conference with presentations and posters.
At the central level, various actions have been undertaken.
     Today, the CSP is a member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Our membership offers to us the possibility to have representatives to various IUPAP commissions. Some of us have already been designated and we are waiting for the decisions that will be taken during the IUPAP General Assembly. If all works well, a member of the Executive Bureau of the CSP will represent us during IUPAP General Assembly that takes place from October 14th to 18th, 2008 in Japan.
Our web site is enriching and we are invited to visit it daily in order to get useful information on our society, on the evolution of ideas in physics in Cameroon, on the relations with our partners, and mostly to send information on our activities.
Today we are preparing national competitions for students (both at the secondary schools and university levels) and an international conference we decided during our last congress. Please, contact the representatives of local committees in each university or the members of the Executive Bureau to have more details on the preparation and the level of realization.
All these activities require financial means. Before the support of national and international partners, we must have the minimum necessary to organize the basic activities. This is why we invite you to pay your annual dues. It is on the basis of the annual dues that we all together scheduled our ongoing activities. You all remember that during the congress we decided to reduce the annual dues for more than 50% with the hope that this will ease our participation. The representatives of local committees as well as the members of the Executive Bureau are at your disposal. Our bank account is awaiting your payment. If need be, please, get in touch with any member of the Executive Bureau who can help, in case you do not know the Bank account number.
The international institutions are willing to help us. But their support will not be sufficient to cover all our activities. Let us mention a fact. We have been informed that, Cameroonian Physicists, members of CSP or not, have submitted or are in the process to submit to international institutions four proposals of activities to be organized in Cameroon during the year 2010. The number of international funding institutions is limited, as are their financial means too; it is risky to present four different proposals requesting support to the same institutions. Despite their good will, they will have to make a choice which can be in the worse case a zero support to us. This will certainly happens with national funding institutions. We must thus seat together, harmonize and schedule the activities and actions related to physics in Cameroon. The Cameroon Physical Society appears today as the place where we can efficiently organize ourselves.

Moving now to another topic, the Executive Bureau met last September 20, 2009 in order to make the point on our activities and took new orientations for the future. The minutes of the meeting will be sent to you shortly. However, an important decision has been taken during the meeting and deserves to be share among us here. This concerns the Honorary Members of our Society. The Executive Bureau has concentrated first on Physicists in Cameroon who deserve the great title. From the various and long discussions, the Executive Bureau came out with four people who have the standard to be Honorary Members of the Cameroon Physical Society. They are Professors Samuel DOMNGANG, Timoléon Crépin KOFANE, Elezier MANGUELLE-DICOUM and Moïse KWATO NDJOCK. These are four (4) of the five (5) Full Professors of Physics in Cameroon (Paul WOAFO, the other Full Professor, being the President of the Cameroon Physical Society). These people have contributed a lot for the development of Physics in Cameroon in various aspects, in particular the successful supervision of many PhD theses. We must pay tribute to the immense work carried out by these people. Our web site will deliver more information on the nomination of Honorary members and we will extend the nomination to physicists of other parts of the world who have played a determinant role to the development of Physics in Cameroon. You are thus requested to nominate people so that we decide during the upcoming annual congress.

We still have a lot to do and we must arm ourselves with courage. On behalf of the Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Physical Society, I invite you all to have faith in our objectives and consequently take full engagement for the realization of what activities.

For the Executive Bureau of CSP,
                         The President

                                Paul WOAFO, Professor