An important problem faced by the majority of Physicists from developing countries is that their research activities are far from developmental goals of their countries. Those of them tackling problems related to some local development objectives will not succeed in publishing their results in good scientific journals. Meanwhile they need publications in good international peer-reviewed journals for their academic promotion and international visibility. Researchers carrying out publishable works in international journals rely mainly on the theoretical aspects with sometimes experimental parts carried out in developed countries laboratories thanks to various funding institutions and individual contacts abroad. The decision-makers in developing countries, either do not have sufficient fund, or do not find the necessity to fund expensive equipment for research topics that have no direct and immediate links to problems suffered by their population.

This constitutes a big threat to the development of physics activities and is certainly the most important cause of lack of public and decision-makers awareness on the benefits that come from research in physics. As a consequence, a large number of physicists who want to maintain their scientific standard generally move abroad to work in stimulating environment, so the brain-drain.

 Aware of this fact, the Cameroon Physical Society launched in 2009 a series of biannual conferences on the general topic: “Low Cost High Physics and Appropriate Solutions to Real life Problems in Developing countries”.