PhD thesis at the University of Yaoundé 1:
Modeles compartimentaux de migration dans le sol et du transfert sol-pin cu Césium 137;
Ben-Bolie Germain.
(29 November 2008 )

Etude des compactons dans les systèmes nonlineaires modelisés par l'equation de Klein-Gordon
Nguetcho Takoutio Serge
10th October 2008

Theoretical and experimental studies of the dynamics of self-sustained electromechanical systems with flexible arm; (Abstract)
M. Kitio Kwuimy Cédrick Aurelien
10th October 2008

Ultrashort optical solitons in doped nonlinear optical fibers
Fewo Serge Ibraid
09th October 2008

Synchronization in a network of Van der Pol oscillators: Application for chaotic masking of communication and power generators
Nana Bonaventure
08th October 2008

Dynamics in networks of semiconductor lasers and applications;(Abstract) by
Meffo Poinkam Lisette
08th October 2008

Reversible tunability in novel ultrafast nanoplasmonics: synthesis and characterization of Au-VO2 nanophotonics (Abstract)
Kana Kana Jean Bosco
08th Jully 2008

Optimization of high-frequency generators using Josephson junctions (Abstract)
Fautso Kuiaté
08th Jully 2008

Bifurcations and chaos in self excited sy stems with three- well potential oscillator (Abstrac)
Siewe Siewe Martin
07 décembre 2007